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Participate in 5 markets

We have finally managed to tick our second goal off the list.  It has been a long time coming with varying hold ups along the way.  But that is part of the challenge juggling the different facets while waiting for opportunities to line up. 


It has now been over two years since we set up our first stall at The Village Markets in Burleigh officially putting ourselves out in front of the public. (We had a insta account that was mostly family and friends following). With just a small selection of 5 different tees, a wooden rack, rug, table and sheet we set off into the world of market life. You can still find us there most of the time on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.


From there we headed to the Saturday Kingscliff beachside markets which was unfortunately short lived as we have not been back since the first boarder closures along the Gold Coast and Tweed. We next headed to Coolangatta Beachfront markets where we get to look out on the beach while selling our tees.  From there we set up at Burleigh Beachside markets. We have now finally started at our fifth market, the Burleigh farmers market on Saturdays.


We have also done a few other events but will leave them for another blog.


The Village Markets (TVM) - Since being on the market scene TVM has been a constant in our circuit. With an exclusive feel and great music this is a fantastic way to chill in the morning


Kingscliff - Unfortunately this was a short lived experience but we are hoping that we can make it down again sometime in the future. 


Coolangatta -Run by Art and Craft markets Coolangatta is a beach side market broad demographic. This makes it great for everyone.


Burleigh Beachfront - Also run by Art and Craft markets this fills in the last Sunday of the month. This market is still relatively new to us and we are still feeling it out.


Burleigh Farmers Market - The latest market that we have started attending. With the possibility of playing a game or two of chess before doing your shopping it sets your weekend up the right way. This market is on every Saturday which will allow us to attend markets both days each weekend.