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Business Bucket List

Hello customers, subscribers, interested persons and those who have just stumbled upon this page. 

Not too long ago we here at Good Intentions Co. sat down and got to talking about what we would like our brand to achieve within the business but outside of selling apparel and to help grow our Giving Back Initiative. We started brainstorming ideas which lead to a short list of things that as a brand we would like to accomplish and that we believe will improve our business and ourselves as well as helping others (Giving Back Initiative). This turned into the idea for our Business Bucket List. 

The list we have compiled for our Business Bucket List is less about things that we have to or should do to help our business grow but rather about things that we would like our business to achieve. 

How it will work. Below we have attached the list of our current objectives/challenges that we would like to achieve.

Most of the activities will be a joint effort between my brother and I with the occasional individual things chucked in.

We intend to add to the list over time and as our business grows we plan to increase the difficulty of the challenges. 

Once we have completed an objective we will mark it as done and provide a link that takes you to a blog that has information and photos about the activity. This way anyone who is interested can track our progress with our list. Feel free to make your way back to support us and keep up to date with our journey. 

There will be varying levels of difficulty on the list and we are sure some of the activities will be testing for us, so any support along the way will be appreciated. 

This new little project is still a work in progress, but we thought that by sharing it those that are interested can track our progression and part of our brand’s journey.

Hopefully we can provide a bit of entertainment to those intrigued as well as challenging us while we hopefully learn some new things along the way. 

If you are interested in following our Business Bucket List journey subscribe to our emailing list for exclusive updates. Otherwise you can track our progress by visiting our website. 


Giving Back Initiative


  • Approach an artist to design a featured tee
  • Get a shirt on TV
  • Get one of our shirts on a celebrity 
  • Introduce a kids range 
  • Participate in 5 markets
  • Have 10 different shirt designs
  • Market road trip to the Sunshine Coast
  • Monthly newsletter for our wonderful subscribers
  • Make our first video campaign
  • Get some Good Intentions Co. socks (This has been something that we have been wanting to do since the start)
  • Reach 50 email subscribers
  • Reach 500 page likes on Facebook
  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram
  • Send a purchased product to every state
  • Be tagged in a family photo with everyone in the family in a Good Intentions Co. tee
  • Be tagged by someone in our gear in every state