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Tree Planting In New South Wales

With a 90% chance of rain on the forecast I was pleasantly surprised to instead wake up to the glow of the morning sun in my room. Today’s mission, with a stronghold of volunteers, plant 2,000 plus trees in two hours and possibly score some waves… 

My friend Alistair and I packed the essentials in the car, loaded the surfboards on the roof, punched the given address in the GPS and we were off. Location, Goonengerry in Northern NSW. 

We arrived at the farm by 10 a.m just in time for the welcome speech given by the event organiser and  founder of Rainforest 4, Kelvin Davis. Rainforest 4 is a non-for-profit organisation attempting to deliver real outcomes for wildlife, climate, people and the planet. With local and national support they protect and restore rainforests by purchasing land, creating new protected areas, stopping and reversing the impacts of development, and restoring rainforest ecosystems damaged in the past.

Community Tree Planting New South Wales

After a short introduction into tree planting we were given a list of the common names of  native Australian rainforest trees that we would be planting. Some of these included the Giant Water Gum, White Cedar, Wild Quince, Broad-leafed Lilly Pilly,  Bleeding Heart, Australian Teak, Hoop Pine and the Blue Fig. 

Now equipped with a bit of knowledge into the day’s proceedings, we headed down the rolling meadows and into the midst of it all.

Tree Planting Mullumbimby Australia

The smell of freshly turned, rich, moist soil was in the air. Arming ourselves with a pair of gloves and good intentions we set off. The sea of volunteers made their way across the field, planting as they went. It was sensational seeing people from all walks of life spending their Sunday embedding roots in the ground in the hopes of promoting a better future, I chatted with young families, a mental health care worker, a Mullumbimby local and Australian actress Madeline West.

Madeline West tree planting


It was such an amazing community event to be apart of. Once the day’s target was achieved and the 2,479  trees were planted we made our way as a collective back to the farm house at the top of the hill where the farm owners had organised a meal for us. On the menu was a choice of beef or vegetable chilli.  Everyone stayed and mingled for a little while sharing stories and laughs.

Farm House Meal after Tree Planting  

From the farm we headed to the The Pass in Byron Bay. Joining a swarm of people just happy to be by the sea side a lifestyle enjoyed by so many and its obvious why… After a few drawn out turns, high lines and party waves we finished up the day with a a plate of Dahl in town. Not a bad way to spend your Sunday.

To find out more about when the next Rainforest 4 planting event is or to donate visit their website @

On the day, Aaron was wearing our Good Intentions Co. Organic Cotton Tee



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