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Giving Back Initiative


When we started Good Intentions Co. we wanted to do more then just sell the coolest boutique tees in Australia. We wanted to embody our business name and create a label that had substance. We hoped to create a brand that did not just give our customers clothes that made them look good but also a brand that did something more. 

In the beginning, we had no designs, website, or sales, just a business name and a dream of doing better.  This is when we made the decision that we would pay it forward.

That is where the Giving Back Initiative comes in. 

Through our Giving Back Initiative we give a percentage of each shirt sold on our website to a charity/organisation to help with varying issues ranging from the environment to domestic violence and mental health.

 Currently the whole world is going through a difficult time, and unfortunately for many there are personal issues that will be amplified by Covid-19. Through this time the vulnerable will become more isolated and trapped in their situations. That is why we will be donating to three causes that we feel will unfortunately be overlooked as people deal with their own battles. These charities support victims of domestic violence, individuals battling with their mental health, and those who are struggling financially and are unable to afford a hot meal.

How it works

When a shirt is purchased 10% will go towards a charity depending on which range you buy from.

RizeUp Collection - Easy Living Tan, Easy Living Green Olive Green, Crop Top Pistachio, Crop Top Hazy Pink

Beyond Blue Collection - All Day Sage,  Easy Living, All Day, Ocean Blue, Heavy Chair Navy, Pocket Chair Ocean Blue, GICO Tonal Black

FoodBank Collection Beach Days Mustard, Beach Days Rust, Pocket Chair Pine, Heavy Chair Walnut

 The three charities we have chosen to get behind and donate to are: 


The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society by generating life-changing, practical support for the families affected, giving them the hope and empowerment to move on to a life free from violence. 

Beyond Blue

Provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.


Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, operating on a scale that makes it crucial to the work of the front line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians. 


To find out more about these three charities click the links below